Thursday, March 31, 2011

Collateral Soundtrack - Collage

I can't get over how good this is. Picture a place in Guadalajara; it's summer and you're young again—in fact, too young to go anywhere on your own. You're hanging around the house; you're laying on your bed with your feet high on the wall: there are sounds traveling into your room from all directions: your mom's cooking dinner with her sisters, your bro's flipping channels on the TV, your dad's messing with the radio, and the decadent noise from the streets below combine with those of the surrounding apartments—together they meet up in your room, escorted by the warm air, and join to make one irresistible and delicious soundscape that plays along with your favorite records.

When I first listened to this album, a place of comfort, community and distractions came to mind. Below, enjoy this free album in its entirety, and let it take you to a place of your own imagination.

[MP3] Collateral Soundtrack - La escondida y la ciudad de los mil caminos
[MP3] Collateral Soundtrack - Me enamoro cuando...[con Apache O'raspi]
[MP3] Collateral Soundtrack - Sociologia
[MP3] Collateral Soundtrack - 1911[con Benjamin Z]
[MP3] Collateral Soundtrack - Buen dia
[MP3] Collateral Soundtrack - Matine[con Abigail Vasquez]


  1. i've tried three tracks thus far. i particularly like the abigail vasquez track. the others i wasn't quite sure what to make of, but yeah, interesting! :)

  2. love to hear your thoughts! thanks, lesley! :)

  3. gaaaaahhh fantastic T, fantastic !!

  4. gaaaaahhh, I know! I still can't stop listening!

  5. Love your description of this! The music is pretty good too! :)