Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ssaliva - Moonblood [Bonus Track] [video]

Well, the Ssaliva videos don't stop (and we wouldn't want them to). I first saw Teenage Brain a few weeks ago, when Leaving Records announced the new Thought Has Wings release by Belgian dude, François Boulanger—an album full of crayola-colored vintage-sounding electro vibes. So, if you missed that release or that vid, def check 'em out and also have a looksy at this new/newer/newish video from Lautreamont RA Studios for the bonus track, Moonblood—which is only available on this limited cassette.

Here are two others off the album.

[MP3] Ssaliva - Best Lose The Dream
[MP3] Ssaliva - Crayola

More from Ssaliva on Bandcamp (also see Kingfisherg)

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