Monday, March 21, 2011

Sun Glitters - Outside (Reprise) + Felt Asleep

Amidst a dreamy haze, I shed each cuffing layer that binds me to the day's burdens and glide barefoot across the long dewey grass that surrounds the lake's edge. The water shimmers and the sun glitters; and before long, I am submerged in a world of freedom and relief.

Here are two new tracks from Luxembourg's Victor Ferreira, who also just released an LP entitled Everything Could Be Fine. According to Victor, these were inspired by many years of sound research through different genres under the moniker sug(r)cane. These are currently available for free over at Bandcamp.

[MP3] Sun Glitters - Outside (Reprise) | Download
[MP3] Sun Glitters - Felt Asleep | Download

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