Thursday, December 23, 2010

Low Sea

Waves gently tickle my feet as I walk along the smooth wet sand. There are no footprints for miles. I am alone. The setting sun causes my eyes to squint while I try to make out the colors of the buoys in the distance. The low sea abandons much to be discovered along the shoreline. Iridescent light reflects off of broken shell surfaces, while inside, my heart aches.

Ireland's Low Sea released a full-length and an EP this year. You can grab both on iTunes or their latest on Lefse. Here's my favorite track from each, as well as their so-very-addicting, so-very-sweet cover of Sweet Jane.

[MP3] Low Sea Some Kind of Strange
[MP3] Low Sea Lay Down the Truth
[MP3] Low Sea Sweet Jane (Velvet Underground cover)

Here's the video for Sweet Jane.

This is the video for Lay Down the Truth. You should Sea this, too.

Low Sea on MySpace