Monday, December 13, 2010


The sun has left, the clouds have returned and the rain has washed the snow away. Somehow, the hands of time have reversed overnight — leaving behind mid-summer warmth and late-autumn-like surroundings. With the change of weather, came a 'typhoon', that splashed and crashed against my windows for hours. A sudden disruption to my night occurred — one that kept me awake and thinking; much like the unexpected surprise of a vicious storm that nails you a like a typhoon, everything you know around you can change just as suddenly — a good night's sleep, the change in weather or a shift in life events. Luckily, as fast as the storm may appear, it can fade just as quickly — and with its trail, follows a time of stillness and a moment to reflect; or, in some cases, just a mellow Monday. In honor of this almost catastrophic weather event (joking), I thought I'd share a tune from the very appropriately named band, Typhoon.

This is a 16 (sometimes 19) member band from Portland, Oregon — a place that is very familiar with the moody weather patterns of this earth. These guys have a bunch of great tunes coming out (some of which you can check out on their site and through the form of video on the web) but here's one from their May release Hunger and Thirst, that I absolutely love.

[MP3] Typhoon CPR/Claws Pt. 2

This is a video from Matthew Ross for the same track. This was shot with a Bell and Howell Super 8 and Canon 7D. It takes a few twists along the way. Enjoy.

Check out Typhoon on MySpace or visit them at

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