Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shimmering Stars

Hi friend, I just thought I'd tell you that the stars in the sky have never shimmered as bright as the ones I see in your eyes tonight. Are you blushing yet?

Here are some/all of my favorite Shimmering Stars tracks from the last few months. I thought I'd cluster them all together—kind of like the M 31 cluster (aka the Andromeda Galaxy) that will be visible during this month of December; but in actuality, you don't really need that, there's more than enough here to get you to stargaze for daze.

[MP3] Shimmering Stars I'm Gonna Try
[MP3] Shimmering Stars East Van Girls
[MP3] Shimmering Stars Suns Going Down
[MP3] Shimmering Stars Let It Be Me
[MP3] Shimmering Stars Atmosphere (Joy Division cover)

Here's the shimmering video for I'm Gonna Try. Directed by Salazar (or should I say, SalaSTAR).

Shimmering Stars - I'm Gonna Try from Salazar on Vimeo.

Reach for the stars at Almost Musique, Bandcamp or other far-off galaxies/iTunes.

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  1. when is this band going on tour?
    also when is there full length coming out? and what label?

  2. Hey there! Rory just informed me that they were JUST accepted today to play at SXSW! So that's pretty exciting. Also they have a North American and European tour lined up for the Spring but the dates are still TBD. And finally, for their full-length, they're aiming for a March/April release on Almost Musique (there's a link above for the label and their current EP). Hope that helps! Maybe we'll see each other at one of the shows! ; ) <3 RN