Monday, December 6, 2010


Lace up those lollerskates, here's some indie pop from brooklyn that will get ya spinning those wheels around the rink...or your living room...or your office! Do it. You won't do it.

It's Monday, just tell them you're still drunk...

I'm actually a velcro kind of gal myself, and always will be. How 'bout you? Do you prefer the security of a long, luxurious lace or the convenience and comfort of a strap?

[MP3] Rollerskaters In The Dark
[MP3] Rollerskaters Boyhood
[MP3] Rollerskaters Sleep Tight

Download these tracks on SoundCloud

Here's a video for their track Sleep Tight (which was their first release a few months back)

Want more visuals to skate to? Check out Dino Rossi's video for Boyhood here.

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