Friday, December 17, 2010

Raw Thrills - Last Thought Before Sleep (video)

Probably not the most appropriate song to throw on here for a Friday afternoon, as you should be revving up for your weekend but here's a short thrill to get you hyped-up for Raw Thrills' 14 track Shakedown LP that will be out by February on Sixteen Tambourines Records. This is the solo work of our beloved Zak Mering (of The Sweethearts, Greatest Hits and Outer Limits Recordings, etc.) Pretty much anything this guy does, I am way into and it will end up in my library.

This video is so rad.

Raw Thrills - Last Thought Before Sleep from Raw Thrills on Vimeo.

Pre-order this up at (along with so many other awesome records). Limited 300 colored vinyl with first 50 copies to include an extra cassette with 13 unreleased songs.

Check out Raw Thrills on MySpace

OK, that's it; I'm going to go practice my paper airplane skillz now.

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