Friday, December 3, 2010

Magic Magic

Saw these guys play in Cambridge Wed. night and they totally blew me away. After losing power at my place from a wild storm, I headed over to Middlesex Lounge to watch one of the most mind-blowing performances I have seen in a while. I really just want to say F#%K yeah! This is some crazy good indie rock that isn't just noisy but has substance, soul and sweat.


What they contribute together as a live band is a sound and an energy that is completely different from what you'll hear from them on these few tracks (yes, I know that's usually the case with live music, but theirs is ridiculously good); the talent that pours (floods!) out of these guys makes me weak and woozy...and short of breath (evidently). 

Here are a few tracks from their self-titled '08 LP. If you haven't yet, get after these.

[MP3] Magic Magic French Song
[MP3] Magic Magic Over Your Heart
[MP3] Magic Magic Savage
[MP3] Magic Magic Talking Smoke

Also, these Dedham dudes just released their second LP What Ever Happened to Monday Nights? It's pretty mellow compared to their first release and what they are currently working on now but if you're in the mood for mellowing out here are a few Songs for Toons.

[MP3] Magic Magic Songs for Toons
[MP3] Magic Magic Kiwi
[MP3] Magic Magic Tsunami

And finally, this is a video from the other night (I hope you realize how hard it was for me to film this and not dance/convulse). Enjoy!

Grab their stuff over at
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  1. I need that blue hat! High fashion at its best!

  2. ha, I know, me too! I dug deep for this image. It makes me giggle inside.